Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bean has got a squirrel up her rump

I know it has been a while since the last post, I feel so bad about not being up to date. There has been a lot going on so hopefully I can get this back up to date...
Every once in a whole Bella Bean gets squirrley and has a big burst of energy. This only lasts a minute or two but is so much fun to see her so excited and happy.
It was her favorite hedgie that got it started...
Which was quickly replaced by a smaller hedgie
Oops. One more try
Look mom, no feet!
That smile tells it all

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Been a while

This summer has been way too short and passing way too fast. We've been pretty busy though.
We have been going to the dog park (although its been so warm they poops find a shady spot and call it a day): 
Killing helpless creatures who blatantly disregard the signs that states "greyhound property, enter at your own risk" (Picture is a dramatization, but unfortunately there have been a couple of losses per the puppers teeth- real live Woodchuck included):
Taking naps: 
Tolerating a foster dog: 
And finally, the ever important daydream. 
You know, the usual.  We all hope this lovely warm weather holds out for at least another 6 months (we can dream can't we?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yea! The rain has subsided (hopefully for a while now so we can all dry out), and we can spend some good quality outside time with our Poopers. This last week was pretty stressful with the storms, work and family so this past Sunday's decent weather really lifted all of our spirits... Bella took charge of Mr. Hedgie. She just got done doing a couple of laps with him in the backyard and was posing so pretty.  
I went and sat in the shade and my shadows didn't lag too far behind. My Bella girl has the most beautiful grin! 
After another romp we settled down n the other side of the yard and even though we were "relaxing" her ears were perked up at any sign of a squirrel (who are known to be Bean tormentors... sitting up in the tree, making enough noise to rouse the dogs, but well out of reach.)
Bo, who has a lower prey drive, kept his eyes on me to make sure mama wasn't going anywhere. 
But Hark! Doth I hear the sounds of Squirrel????? 

Monday, May 12, 2008

YEA! Winter is FINALLY taking it's leave and nicer days are starting to become more and more frequent. I can tell that both Bo & Bella are about as happy as I am with the weather change. They are more excited about going outside and they spend more time peeking around the backyard than they have been able to for the last few months.
So Jon and I were Spring cleaning the backyard... I was on landmine patrol and Jon was trimming branches. Bo & Bella were doing the toughest of jobs... overseers. But I'm not sure how seriously they were taking their jobs.
Bo started out well, "A little higher dad!"
But before long he started laying down on the job, "Come on, it's hard work standing up"
Soon after the both of them were sitting side by side gossiping about the parents:
"So I hear they have some bath plans for us in the future, that's CRAZY talk!"
Bella then fell asleep on the job:
Or so I thought until I realized that she was just sun bathing and trying to get a little color on her tum:
Hey mom, you are in my light.Bo on the other hand tends to shy away from the harmful rays of the sun when he can and finds a nice shady spot to lie in...
Bo, "Aren't you guys done yet? Wake me when it's time to go in."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Going to the Park!

Bo & Bella have a love/hate relationship with the car. They LOVE going places and they will eagerly jump into the SUV. But as soon as we get going they get restless, too warm (even in winter!) and oh so drooly! Well tell them to lay down and calm down, so Bo will lay down and take the WHOLE back seat so poor Bella has to try to maneuver herself into the little corner Bo allows her. Inevitably she'll accidentally step on him and then he is up and dripping drool all over the seat in front of him. The only time that they are ever fully relaxed in the car is when they are exhausted.
This is from last weekend, we went to a dog park that isn't too far away from us, and the car ride was almost more entertaining than the park itself.
Mmmmmm, smell that fresh country air!
Hey, look! Cows! I knew something smelled funny.
Bo: Skootch over, you're hogging the backseat!
Bella: You move! I'm trying to get to the window.
Yea! We're almost there! I see the other dogs!
Bella: Yeah, I'm done... One lap was enough for me.
Bella: Mooooom, Bo's taking the whole backseat, he won't let me lay down and... Wait, is that home? Why are we going home??

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've added some new pictures. Spring is finally coming in (although in teasing bits and pieces) so we've been out and about a little bit more, but unfortunately without the camera. This means that I that although I have some new pictures, they are indoor ones. Jon and I have been so enamored of this breed that we are considering the opportunities of fostering greyhounds to help them in the transition between the racetrack and their soon to be forever families. This makes us both nervous and excited. Nervous in that there will be a new dog come into the house every now and again with new dog issues that'll need to be worked through (housebreaking, counter surfing, crate training, stairs trainins and just adjusting to a home), but then it was so much fun with Bo & Bella that we're sure it'll be great. So without any further ado, some cute pics of our pups:

Sleeping Bat-Eared Beauty

This is why we call her Bella Bean. She'll snuggle up in a little bean shape and sleep so soundly in such an awkward position.
A beautiful evening walk with Seeya scouting for squirrels...
Within minutes of getting home he takes his normal position... snooze mode.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The sweet melodies of a Seeya

Bo is a roo-er. He'll sing at the drop of a hat. If I roo at him, make a funny noise, hum to myself, or sing aloud... he'll join right in.
The other day I was working on the computer with my music playing and I started singing along to it. Before long I hear a low whine behind me and I knew someone was getting all worked up. I turn around and sing right to both Bo and Bella to see if I could get a song out of them. Bo takes this invitation and runs with it. My diva boy loves to hear himself sing so much that even his doggy day care people tell me that he'll grace them with his lovely voice on occasion.
And without further ado, I present Bo Seeya and his solo, "The Roo". Sit back and enjoy:
You can see in his eyes the love of the song, he puts so much of himself into it!
Are you watching?? The high note is coming!
Thank you, Thank you. No autographs, please!
Bella: Moooom! Tell him to stop! I'm trying to snooze!